Saturday, 16 April 2011

:: FEATURED - (Françoise Nielly) PERPETUAL PAINTING ::

It is incredible to explore a portfolio that exhibit fascinating, expressive flow of energy, of a powerful combination of Oil and Knife to produce sensual, exuberant, explosive works.
I was amazed at the way she uses her knife incisively, nourishing her works with vibrant colours from her pallet. Francoise Nielly is a woman who lives in a world of images. She grew up in South of France, lives and paints in Paris near Montmartre. A woman who loves life, an accomplshed ARTist with 20years of experience, explaining the maturity of her work and the perfect mastery of her ART.
Enough said, Lets Review!

She extends her works on other materials, showing that creativity has no limit.  

Here's a short video on her work flow

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