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Its a pleasure to interview one of the most prolific paint artists: Juarez Ricci. He is an impressive ARTist with so much flair and skill, his caricature paintings have so much resemblance to the original. Hence I sought to have a chat with him about series of questions and share his answers with the prestigious readers of Design Graphe. 
Lets Review!

Please introduce yourself and how you got started in the field?

Hello everyone, my name is Juarez Ricci, Work with illustration and I live in Brazil.
Art has always been in my life, since childhood, sketching and painting just like all children do. In adolescence, I was encouraged by my parents to turn this hobby to a profession.
In my early work I had a major influence in the comics, and then over time I discovered other ways to express myself through the cartoon and caricature. I was trying to gather all different styles in one, well, I still tried ehehee

How did you get into this field and what inspired you?

The internet was a great help to expose my work and get started with this career.
My major inspiration is a painter named Norman Rockwell

If you can recall what did your first work look like? (Can you please attach a link or an image)

Well, I think It was an illustration of a detective to ad for a brand of mayonnaise, unfortunately I don't have the illustration anymore, but I remember that it was really cool to do, even feeling the nervousness and anxiety. 

Are you a self taught illustrator or did you attend a school to learn Illustration?
Which route do you think is best to take for young artists?

My style of illustration today, colorization with heavy strokes and stuff I developed myself. Through heavy study and thirst for knowledge ehhee. In the beginning when I had the style, it was more of comics, so I attended courses for that particular style, but I realized that was not what I was looking for.
Then I began to study on my own and try to absorb all that I liked in a single form.
I believe for beginners, the best does not hold in one style, try new and different things and find your own style, then seek improvement in courses appropriate for that.

Have you ever worked as a freelancer? What was your experience like?

I always worked as a freelancer. I have no complaints, of course you are subject to disappointments, but it's nice to have control over what you want to do. Always be professional, you'll be able to increase your clients.

What are your tools for your trade and how is it more efficient compared to the other products out there?

I'm not very qualified to answer these technical parts, such as efficiency of a program or a type of paint, sorry ehheee.
I developed a work plan that is the most basic possible; my tools for trades are 6b pencil for sketch, mechanical pencil 0.5 for the finishes and using photoshop cs2 for colors

What do you think one would acquire to get to a skill as yours?

Woow! Thanks for the compliment. I guess what you need, to get a satisfactory result in your work is, do what you like to do, and what pleases you. I think it is essential, and do not be afraid to use references of artists you admire.

How do you balance your creativity and pressure of work?

The key is having confidence in your own work. I think the pressure helps your creativity to flow better. Self Confidence is Essential.

What are the important lessons you have learnt that you apply to Illustrating and how does it help you now?

Always seek for the new and explore the most options, always create challenges to conquer. Uowww this is really looking like self-help book heheh, but it`s true!

How do you find inspiration before a project?

I usually look at the artists that I admire, watching movies and animations, accompanied by good music.

What gives you an edge?

Being creative and trying to do what no man has gone before ehheee

Tell us a little about your workflow.

I always start the day by putting on a good song to play (lately I've heard lots of soundtracks and instrumental music), then I do a quick review of my work, do some warm up sketch, usually female figures to inspire me and then I start working. 

Tell us what style of work do you do, and which type of work do you enjoy most.

I think my style of work is basically to get the real and transform it into something more stylized and exaggerating. I like more, the part of creation and sketch, when you can exploit the best of your  ideas. Make your mind flow free

Are there any specific techniques you use when Illustrating that you would suggest to someone who is starting out in the same field as you?

Well I try to emulate traditional painting techniques in my digital colors. I always liked watercolors, oil paint, the fluid way and the tones of colors are beautiful. So I use a lot of classical painters for references.

What plans do you have for the future of your career?

Continue with this work that I love, study ever more to evolve, put in practice some sequential art projects, produce more movie posters, because I had a very rewarding experience, and embrace the challenges that come.
That's all Folks!!!

Juarez Ricci 
For more of my works check the links below

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