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At this point try to be sincere with yourself, have you ever stayed a little longer in bed before getting up?, do you add double little-more-time to everything you do?, do you end up doing things that do not interest you?, have you ever wondered why you have done so little of your daily tasks?, have you ever wondered why you never have enough time to do the things you always want to do?  

If you want to manage time creatively, you have to be true to yourself. If you relate with any of this questions, then you lack essential timing. The things we tend to overlook are time wasters in our lives. “Time is money”, all the money in the world can’t buy you a precious time, if you are sincerely tired of getting into debt to yesterday, want to get more done in less time, desperately want to get a lot of achievement out of your daily activity, or always wanting to create time for yourself, then these tips should be helpful. 

Set a goal
Before you embark on a project, ask yourself precisely what do I want to do, what am I achieving? Pin point your goals, write it down on a sticky note, or note pad and paste it close to your screen or on your desktop while working. It makes you have a clear idea of what you want to do, and not pour your energy into unnecessary performance that ends up getting you frustrated.

Start early
Why not start a project earlier like twenty minutes before the time you scheduled. Try setting a reminder some few minutes before time, ensuring that “repeat” is enabled in quick minute’s interval. When you start quickly you might end up finishing on time to start a new project and trim clusters of jobs, saving time for yourself. Start right now.

Jump on it now
It is human nature to procrastinate. Procrastination is very unproductive and a time killer. When you say “I’ll do it later” you give room for laziness, you engage yourself in unnecessary activities and then wonder where the time has gone. Some people advice doing a print out that reads “do it now”, and stick it to your wall, give it a try, it might help, but I feel there is no trick involved, just stand up and do it now. 


Pinpoint the most important
This helps to boost work faster, by outlining the jobs you have in order of importance, work on priority job number one stick to it till it’s done, follow the same routine on job number two and so on and forth. You might not end up finishing or achieving so much in a day but you would be working in a worthwhile direction. Make this a daily routine. 

Set deadlines
One of the effective ways to also save time is by setting not too tight deadlines. Not too tight; creativity does not work under pressure, deadlines; setting a specific time limit for specific tasks. Always set deadlines that are real and possible, so you won’t end up procrastinating, which might result to discouragement all the time. Stick to your deadlines, no extensions no matter the circumstance except it is crucial. Always be the “I will do it before I leave for lunch” rather than “I will do it as soon as I get the chance”. 

Make thoughtful decisions
Have you ever arrived at a thought like “If I leave for lunch before I get it done; I might come back tired, or I’ll be hungry if I don’t eat which might not boost my creativity”, that’s because you are coddling yourself. If you do it before going for lunch, your mind will not be pondering on the crucial jobs while having lunch, heading back in a rush. Once you act on this decisions, don’t waste time pondering on if it was a fruitful speculation, the result will tell. You can’t be right all the time. 

Learn to say NO
One thing will always come your way, an unexpected phone call from a friend or colleague to have a meeting, probably lunch, or hanging out. This can smash the deadlines you strived hard to keep, causing a resounding loss of time. You can keep their friendship, as well as your schedule; by letting them know in a pleasant manner that you are time conscious. Like it or not you have to turn down some meetings, before you do check your schedule, or you will be lured into going places or doing things you would really rather not do. It is always a good idea to relax occasionally, but avoid pointless meetings. 

Apply shortcuts
I don’t know how old this saying might be but I guess it’s true that “there are many ways to the market”. If you always work with Option A, Option B, C, D might not be a bad choice. For example, the software you use more often, try to note the short keys to the tools you use the most. Utilize anything to save time, ask your co-workers how they carry out their tasks, if possible adopt their methods. 

Be very strict with yourself as possible. Do not give room for excuses for stretching time at your disposal. Get rid of time-devouring habits you develop. Make every minute count. 

Be Organized
Take the time out to plan your day; it adds substantial productivity to your time. Learn to do things in expository manner, be detailed. Use all available time. A book I read advised using reverse strategy i.e. start tomorrows task today.
Ppphheeww! There they are: 10 ways to manage time creatively. You should not only apply this to your career but to your life. Save your life, save time. 

I hope you had fun picking few tips for managing time. 
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