Saturday, 28 May 2011


Adverts are the major role of promoting anything.
What makes a good advert is the ability to communicate with the target audience. Theres more to just writing a copy, that is using images to speak volume with little attention to words.
In this post we would be reviewing 50 Bizarre Adverts that has more attention on images. Here you will find awesome display of creativity and versatility, at a glance you should get the message but if you don't just think again.
Enough Said, Lets Review! 

Body Sculptor

 Ready to go
Clean Shave

Repairs hands that works for a living


For extra strong extra solid nail

Light weight like no other

Take a Cruise, its as easy as sitting down

Money isn't every thing (Blood Service)

 Personalise your post

 Repairs hands that work for a living

Violence can be waiting for you anywhere, Call 066

 Sensodyne Tooth Paste, Goes Hard on anything

Levis - On 4 Life

Leica Camera - 12x optical zoom

 Nintendo - Game on, Communion Day

 London for lovers

 Otto Mag, Subscription made easy


 Kodak Battery - Just when you thought it was dead

 What our staff get up to after hours

 What our staff get up to after hours

Tuborg - Bachelor Party

First Class Service

No disease can get to you

Kodak Battery - Just when you thought it was dead

 Perhaps it's time to turn to "pedigree light" dog food

Summer's Coming

Usability makes the world better

A Gorilla + A Clean Cut = Arnold

If you won't give up smoking for your lungs, heart or throat, 
maybe you'll do it for your penis.

Don't be stupid, Protect you self with a condom. 
 Tuborg - Beach party

 Concrete that's tougher than you think

 The tough new polo (Car is not shredding)

 No disease can get to you

 Its Squeaky Clean, Watch out

Life's too short for the wrong job.

MacBook Pro - Ultra Thin

 Cuts through anything

Nivea: Good-bye Cellulite, Welcome aboard a new skin

Cargo made easy

Try it here, the big pilots watch

Heineken - Grab a beer

 Duracell - Power beyond the ordinary

 Fitness Company

Shaves Clean

 Powered by Duracell

 Shop for office products

Formula Tooth paste - Builds Strong teeth

I greatly hope you enjoyed this Post. 

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