Thursday, 31 March 2011


Hi there!

This is a vector tutorial that was completely created in CorelDRAW X4, the steps are very easy and so quick. 
The tutorial does not require you know how to use CorelDRAW, just follow the steps and you might just turn your entire photo album to vectors. 
Have fun!  

Follow this steps 

To download the images I used click on the links below

Open your CorelDRAW X4, Click on New document

To place your images in the workspace
Click on File > Import

It shows a pop-up, locate the Jpeg files you just saved and click on Import
Then Slam your Enter button    

Displace your images outside the page
Place the selected image of the woman on the page by pressing the  
P button or just drag it in 

Note:  for you to perform any task you must select your image by clicking on it

Now it’s time to bitmap it click on Bitmap > Convert to Bitmap  
(Alt + B > Ok) 

A pop-up will appear click on  
Grayscale > Ok 

(Tick the Transparent background option)

 This is the result

After that Click on  
Bitmaps > Auto Adjust 

Click on  Effects > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast/Intensity 
(Ctrl + B) 

A pop-up window displays

Enter the following numbers appropriately
Brightness – 50
Contrast – 50
Intensity – 50
And slam Ok 

Here’s the result

Click on Bitmaps > Auto Adjust
Click on Effects > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast/Intensity (Ctrl + B)
A pop-up window will appear, enter the following numbers appropriately
Brightness – 10
Contrast – 10
Intensity – 10
And slam Ok

And then click on  
Trace Bitmap > Outline Trace > Detailed Logo

Note: You must be using CorelDRAW X4 to use this feature in this step

The trick of this tutorial is all about getting the right contrast 

A pop-up window displays,
click on Keep original size

And you have another pop-up window display

Enter the following numbers appropriately
Details – extend the bars to the end
Smoothing – 50
Corner smoothness – 0
And slam Ok 

Here’s the result

To flip the picture,
select this icon

Change some part of the woman’s face to white by Ctrl + Click, to select it and click on white on the colour pallet by the extreme right.  

Add some more colors to the head gear by Ctrl + Click select red on the colour pallet

Trim some of the woman’s edges off (If you are a newbie, download the tutorial click this link)  

Apply this same technique in converting the woman to a vector to the other images (the lion, landmark and the Africa silhouette)

Drag the Africa silhouette vector close to the woman and place it under the vector woman by pressing
Ctrl + pg dn till it goes beneath it

Drag the lion and the land closer then delete some part off by clicking Ctrl + Click then Del

All you need to do here is display some creativity

This should be your result

Now to add our text
Press F8, click on the page then type Africa
You can download the font I used here
Drag it closer and place over all objects by pressing Shift + pg up
And we are done 

Here are some other works that were done with this technique  

I greatly hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Kindly leave a comment, cheers.
By Francis Otuogbai


  1. NIce work, please how did you place the woman to fit to the african silhouette edge and also make stand out at the top of the african silhouette?

  2. This is really a nice and informative, containing all information and also has a great impact on the new technology. Thanks for sharing it, vector tracing

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